This blog was made to document the various meals I have created and eaten. I am intrigued by intricate dishes and, when I have the time, I have epic kitchen showdowns that push my creative boundaries in the pursuit of the next great taste.


If some third-rate Brooklyn-based television screenwriter was to turn me into a one-dimensional cliche for their hip new comedy show, here’s how they’d sum me up…

“An inner city bohemian quasi-intellectual wanna-be artist, stuck on finishing an engineering degree. Godless but good-natured, enjoys to brood semi-drunkenly over depressing literature and music almost as much as she likes to laugh semi-drunkenly amongst others. Has a bleeding heart for social causes but is too lazy to actually do anything about them. She’ll tell you her favourite book is by some existentialist writer from Europe but she secretly enjoyed all of Nick Hornby’s novels much, much more. Romanticly inclined but well acquainted with cynicism, she likes to eat fine food that she can’t afford and is drawn to men that she can’t attain. Intends to one day move to Paris but first needs to learn French. She attempts to sound witty by talking in the 3rd person when filling out “about me” sections, but most likely fails effortlessly. Agrees with her feminist friends at university about our society’s shortcomings when it comes to gender equality but nonetheless obsessively watches Mad Men with a secret desire to do as Don Draper does. And to pick up style tips from the 1960s.”*

– – – –
*While this description is somewhat tongue in cheek, it nonetheless speaks volumes about the third-rate screenwriter’s awfully self-deprecating sense of humor.