Across The Narrow Sea

December 27, 2012

This review has been a long time coming. For months I’d agonised whether to write a review on the Game of Thrones themed feast we’d devoured at Qualia Lounge in May. However, in review of 2012 in food experiences, J and I agreed that this definitely topped the list.

Three themed nights took place over three Friday evenings, Feast of the North , Feast at Kings Landing and Across the Narrow Sea –  the last of which we attended.  Mugs of sweet mead were handed out and everyone was seated at a large, rustic wooden table, reminicscent of an actual kings feast.

The Narrow Sea separates Westeros from the many alluring and exotic lands to the East.  We have set up a culinary congregation with inspirations from the Free Cities, the Dothraki Sea, Qarth, and many more lands.  Expect a feast full or exotic tastes with a touch of magic.

The feast will have over 15 items including
-Tyroshi Pear Brandy
-Honeyed Duck with Orange Snap Peppers
-Skewered Dothraki Mounts
-Raisin and Carrot Salad
-Melon and tea eggs
-Tyroshi Honey Fingers
-Veal Blanched with Almond milk

Feasts can be a bit tricky due to some allergies that I have (a very particular collection of nuts), however, Nick ensured that anything that I couldn’t eat would be quickly advised.

Dragons Eggs

Cheeses,fig and Dragons Egg.


Lavender Milk Drink – This was absolutely delicious




Shared platters of ‘Dragons Eggs’, ‘foul smelling cheeses’ and camel skewers (or ‘Skewered Dothraki Mounts’) were among the seemingly never-ending offerings. The honeyed duck simply melted on the tongue and the dessert of Tyroshi Pear Brandy refreshingly rounded off the meal.

MEADHoney Mead

feastSo much food


The social settting of feasting on a large table ,being fed all kinds of wonderful food and seeing everyone in awe and discussing smongst themselves the brilliance of each offering creates a unique experience. Qualia Lounge posseses excellent, attentive service in an atmosphere of friendly warmth and relaxation. They often do themed nights which you can be alerted to on their Facebook page or website – opt for something a little different and you will be rewarded.

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