Alice (Essendon)

December 15, 2013

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

Alice, when peering through the looking glass, is an intimate cafe in Essendon that exudes cuteness. It is a relative newcomer on the cafe scene but has been heralded as a coffee mecca among the burnt, uninspired coffee being pumped out of nearing cafes (I’m glaring at you, Puckle st…)


The staff are some of the loveliest, friendliest (and perhaps quirkiest) staff I’ve come across in recent times. I dined with my lovely ma, after finding ourselves ravenous before our spa treatments nearby. I’d like to say that this is a regularly done thing, however, I was actually celebrating the end of my final exams and finally graduating – so this was a bit of a unique day.

I ordered my standard skinny flat wite and ma ordered a soy chai latte worthy of a Mad Hatter tea party.


Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs

Ma ordered the baked eggs with bacon, onion, beans, tomato, spinach and aged cheddar. This was served with thickly sliced sourdough toast. There is definitely a rustic homeliness to be found in a ceramic dish of oozy eggs surrounded by a sea of melted cheese.

Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs

The poached eggs contained a chorizo bean medley which was garnished with an avocado and tomato mix. This too was served with some crusty sourdough which was the perfect medium for scooping up the bleeding yolks and spicy bursts of chorizo.

Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs

The poached egg breakfast contains all of my favourite things (read: chorizo) and manages to be satisfying without being unbearably filling. That being said, Alice offers a tantalising array of pastries and cakes beside the cash register – so it might be worth saving yourself for some sweeter decadence.  The meals were quick to arrive and the prices were very reasonable – about $11.50 for each breakfast dish.

It is well worth falling down the rabbit hole to chase Alice and a decent coffee hit.

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