Annie’s Provedore (Barwon Heads)

December 4, 2015

‘It’s hard to tell the difference between sea and sky, between voyager and sea. Between reality and the workings of the heart.’ – Haruku Murakami 

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Situated about halfway down the quaint strip of shops, frequented by locals and visiting tourists in search of gourmet delights, is Annie’s Provedore. Shelves of homemade jams, interesting condiments and dried goods encase the space which operates as both a deli and a café. Rows of cheeses, freshly made salads – notably most featuring some variant of “superfood” or quinoa) and decadent desserts are spread across the large cabinet near the back.  The ceilings are covered with hangings of reclaimed baskets and furniture, creating a comfortable environment.

The menu is short but here the focus is on quality, not quantity. A nod to seasonal produce, cured meats and cheeses, Annie’s has something to please everyone. Nursing a slight hangover from the previous night’s festivities; we opted for the breakfast board to share.

Annies Barwon Heads Sourdough

In addition to the breakfast board, we ordered 2 slices of thick-cut sourdough bread to sample with the wonderful spread of unadultered peanut butter and an array jams laid about, did someone say fig or raspberry and cardamom? A lovingly baked sour dough bread accompanied by condiments may sound pedestrian but it is far from being the case. I enjoyed a large slice with the no additive peanut butter and raspberry cardamom jam. So simplistic yet such a comforting start to the day.

Annie's breakfast board

The breakfast board arrived with fresh avocado, large cubes of Persian feta and peppercorns, Istra bacon, hard poached eggs, buttery mushrooms and tomato, served with dense, yet soft sourdough. Everything here was perfect and being able to mountain various components onto the sourdough bread meant that every bite could potentially have a very different flavour combination. I am a massive fan of any type of spread and this breakfast board really hit the mark. The only let down of this dish may have been the egg which was slightly overdone. This let down was off-set with the mushrooms, which were so fleshy and juicy.

Annie's Barwon Heads Coffee

 My mother and sister shared some T2 chai tea which was impeccably spicy and combined like a dream with the supplementary sweet honey. Thick, creamy and slightly bitter, my coffee exceeded my high expectations.

Despite the service lacking at time, which is forgivable for the peak Saturday brunch time.  If you’re seeking a charming setting to share brunch in, Annie’s, quite literally, is the jam.

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