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December 15, 2012

Stumbled across Jellystone one evening during a walk.  Tucked away just off Sydney road, Jellystone’s blue stone exterior and outdoor areas caught my eye and I made a quick mental note to revisit for some breakfast.

Jellystone offers a comprehensive breakfast menu, with menu items such as The Rapture, The Apocalypse and The Salvation.

Opting for something lighter, I ordered the toasted bagel with Salmon , capers, rocket and cream cheese dill ($12).  The bagel was served with copious amounts of dill cream cheese and salmon, and although incredibly rich and delicious,  ‘light’ it was not. The salmon was fresh, the cream cheese was thick,smooth and dill-icious. However, the bagel was a little over-toasted but this is just a minor gripe – as the entire meal overall was great.

Jellystone’s take on French Toast, ‘The Salvation’, rounds out their breakfast options with a hefty dose of Summery sweetness: a compote of dark berries, glistening with dashes of drizzled honey, smothering a few decadent slices of rustic bread. Finishing the dish, a flourish of dry cinnamon and a generous dollop of delicate mascarpone resting gently on top. It’s a classic breakfast dish re-imagined with a few respectfully subtle additions that made for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The service was casual and friendly if a little spotty. Jellystone has a relaxed atmosphere but the staff are attentive and the service turnaround was refreshingly quick.

A hint for the intrepid: order a banana milkshake and watch the kitchen staff closely when the order comes in. The peanut butter milkshake is also deep and chocolatey with the brilliant flavour of roasted peanuts.

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