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Banh Mi, Hanoi

January 27, 2013

Woken by the incessant beeping of motorbikes, scooters and cars – I decided my daily quest would be to track down and devour a banh mi. For those who aren’t familiar with bahn mi, it is the delicious love child of French Colonialism and Vietnamese flavours.

A single serve of baguette,a generous slavering of pork liver pâté, grilled pork, Vietnamese sausage, cucumber slices, cilantro and some chilli sauce was exactly what I had in mind for breakfast.

SAM_0857We eventually discovered a street food card and decided to share one. At 20,000 dong (about AUD $0.90) you can afford to stumble around the Old Quarter, sampling delicious things.

SAM_0858The woman asked me whether I wanted everything and I nodded in anticipation as I watched her stuff my baguette with meats, pate, salads and chilli sauce. Street food in Hanoi is cheap – but sometimes the vendors will try their luck at charging ‘Western’ prices. The trick in ordering street food is to approach confidently, order quickly (each vendor will only specialise in one dish) and chow down.


The Banh Mi was devoured as we weaved in between motorbikes, cars towards our next venture. Each bite into the soft,crusty baguette was increasingly flavourful. The pork pate offered a unique flavour and the meats were pretty good. However, I’m sure that as far as Banh Mi goes – this one was average at best.

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  • Reply Sunny Nguyen January 27, 2013 at 8:54 am

    I’ll be honest – as delightfully Vietnamese (with a touch of French) as the delicacy can be, I’ve never really had a pork roll anywhere in Vietnam that’s even almost as good as the ones at the local shops here in south west Sydney, or heck even in Footscray down south.

    Sure, buying one in Vietnam may render greater authenticity, but it’s just not as good dammit.

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