Bar Idda (Brunswick East)

May 26, 2016

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” – Giuseppe Verdi

Frilly, embroidered tablecloths, thick orange glassware, wine served in tumblers and Sicilian food makes Bar Idda a rare find among the ordinary Italian food offerings and akin to a special feast at nonnas.


bar_idda_arancini bar_idda_mushroomarancini

For mother’s day, Bar Idda offered a 5-course meal for $50 per person. To begin, we sampled some Antipasti which included plump, preserved green olives with herbs. The Arancino had a beautifully crisp, light shell which exposed a creamy fontina cheese risotta with mixed seasonal mushrooms. I could have devoured a million of these crunchy suckers. On the side, thin slices of hand cut cacciatore salami, sliced capocollo and Sicilian salami were cured to perfection and certainly salivation inducers.


In between, I sipped a fizzy limoncello spritz. I can’t seem to avoid ordering a limoncello every time I patronise Bar Idda – it’s just so damn rare to find a decent drop of limoncello in Melbourne and Idda surely delivers.  My mum enjoyed a Sicilian House Red, served in a short tumbler like Italian wine should be!



As for Primi, we were invited to choose from 3 dishes. We decided on the Mulinciani and Spaghetti Trapaense. The mulinciani consisted of delicate, melty layers of eggplant intermingled with tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil and sharp pecorino cheese. If heaven had a mouthfeel, it would be this.

For Secondi we opted to try all 3 offerings. The Pesce spada, perfectly barbecued swordfish with maccu (a traditional meshing of dried and crushed fava beans and fennel) and black olive.

bar_idda lamb


The ricotta gnocchi served with mushrooms were like popping small, delicate clouds into my mouth, with a kick of lemon.

bar_idda lamb

Agnello all’Eoliana arrived in the form of a 4 hour roasted lamb shoulder Aeolian style. The rich lamb meat fell apart at the hint of my fork and even though I was oh so full at this point, I managed to eat every last piece of this succulent dish.


While the greens were left somewhat untouched due to the sheer volume of the other offerings, each had such a wonderfully interesting flavour combination;

bar_idda_beansFagiolini – Anchovies, garlic and mint braised green beans

‘Nzalata di casa – House salad of chicory, celery, sultana, dijon & lemon vinaigrette (not pictured)

Capunata – Sweet and sour fried eggplant, zucchini, celery, capers, green olives


After a pause to rub our stomachs and to sip a coffee, dessert arrived. Torta di Noci – Walnut cake, poached rhubarb and homemade yoghurt and thick, bouncy slabs of quince delight served on the side. Since I am profusely allergic to nuts, the staff were happy to cater to my allergies and offered a light dessert of poached pear, rhubarb and yoghurt.

bar_idda dessert

Bar Idda is the perfect place for a special occasion dinner and offers a charming setting. If the weather is decent, the small courtyard at the back is well worth whiling the summer months away, limoncello in hand.

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