Beach Burrito (Fitzroy)

February 26, 2015

Swinging open the door to beach burrito is like stepping into the 90’s cult film; Waynes World. Neon lights declaring love for the 80’s, a huge skate rink which acts as a centerpiece of the 2-level eatery and lads wearing plaid shirts.

We were in the area for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival – if you haven’t been yet, it definitely worth a stroll to see the impressive psychedelic lights projected onto shop fronts and buildings. Hungry, cold and in search of something to devour and the promise that on Wednesdays you can get 2x tacos and a pistonhead or sangria was hard to pass up.


We ordered a side of jalapeno poppers 4 for $12. The jalapeno poppers were fresh whole peppers, generously filled with cream cheese and crusted with a crispy crumbing. A couple of bites of these suckers and my mouth was transformed into a blazing furnace. The other jalapeno popper I scoffed down in two bites was deseeded – somewhat a cardinal sin in my search for spicy sensation. Reminiscent of chomping down on ordinary capsicum.


As we awaited the main attraction, the skaters did their skateboard moves on the rink. Being totally unqualified to comment much more on their ability, I am told that they only allow professional skaters to utilize the rink for insurance purposes. Nevertheless, it seems their skating performance draw in a crowd with all the booths adjacent to the rink reserved when we arrived. The blaring rock anthems helped to complete the transition into a Party Time – Excellent vibe.


The tacos arrived soon after I had managed to finish my sangria and order a lemon/lime margarita jug – to “share”. The tacos arrived in 2 small trays, with freshly prepared ingredients toppling out of their soft taco palm-sized cases.  The chili con carne offered a satisfying mixture of beans and beef and paired with the hot sauce available on the table, it was a morsel of nose-flaring delight. For those who don’t know me, this is indeed a great accomplishment.  The tacos were devoured in mere moments.

For fast food, the food is hardly fast. But it’s good. Really, really good.

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