Bluebonnet (Fitzroy North)

April 12, 2017

“If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?” – John Cleese

Bluebonnet has moved around Melbourne, slinging their delicious trays of meat from venue to venue before discovering home in a revamped pub in the too-cool suburb of Fitzroy North.

We decided to share a selection of meats and a couple of sides.  Pro-tip; the beef brisket is an absolute must order when visiting Bluebonnet, or any smoke house for that matter.


The tender, smoky brisket had a pleasing hint of pink ring dotted along the spice- rubbed edges. The lamb ribs had a crispy exterior which, when gnawed upon,  exposed a flavourful, lardy and meaty interior.


The beef cheek was the highlight of the meal; barely resisting the pull of my fork to reveal a juicy, gelatinous mass of smoked beef. If you are only able to order one meat at Bluebonnet, for whatever heartless reason, the beef cheek should be your go-to. It’s what dreams are made of.

The potato salad at Bluebonnet is on the smaller side, however, it is superbly creamy. The herbs interspersed added a fresh offset to the smoked meats.

The brisket chilli cheese grits with pickled jalapeno , sour cream and cheese is a hearty mush of well-ground corn kernels and cheese. This is the epitome of comfort food. The pulled brisket was very generous and we struggled to conquer the entire side.

We managed to get through about 4/5 of the tray before the meat sweats and side cramps could no longer be ignored. The fabled meat sweats is truly a scientific phenomenon and is also known as thermogenesis.

The thermogenic effect of protein is higher than carbs, and so the temperature of the body will rise after consuming copious amounts of meat giving rise to the sensation of “meat sweats”.  We decided to admit defeat and our server generously gave us a take home box to ensure we could enjoy a midnight snack of brisket and grits.

Bluebonnets service is quick, friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell that everyone involved has a shared affection for all things smoked meat. This is my third pilgrimage to Bluebonnet to enjoy their tasty offerings and I doubt it will be my last.


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