Carolina (Carlton North)

January 3, 2015

Slightly hidden, Carolina is a mixture of both hipster and grandma, fronted by the original Invicta logo of a bygone Italian shoe maker. It was holidays and we were on the hunt for breakfast at a sapid 1pm. Greeted immediately, we were quizzed on whether we wanted to sit outside or inside. Outside, past the bustling kitchen, contains a lovely small, leafy courtyard, scattered with rustic tables and boldly pop-coloured chairs.


Carolina uses Seven Seeds coffee – which went down wonderfully smooth and velvety. J opted for Chai Tea which arrived in the most adorable tea cup set.


Because we visited the lovely Carolina right before their Christmas close, a few things were not available. No problem, Carolina’s menu is one in which everything sounds delicious. And upon spotting what the surrounding tables were being served, there was no doubt that Carolina delivered. I opted for The Reuben. (I’m kind of riding a pickle bandwagon at the moment).



The Reuben had such lovely crisp toasted, buttery bread. The mustard and sauerkraut was a hot mess of delicious – oozing out at every given opportunity. My only gripe is with the corned beef, whilst delicious, there just didn’t seem to be enough of it to declare this sandwich a Reuben. Difficult to eat, and oh so messy, this was such a filling and flavoursome Reuben. This is not a dish for a first date.


J opted for the achingly-sweet french toast. It says something about the power of a dish when you can order the espresso brioche french toast with salted caramel custard and still be surprised at its seductive decadence. It’s an astonishing tower of delicious indulgence, topped with sour cherries and hand-hewn curls of chocolate. I particularly enjoyed pairing the rich, cakey brioche with the crunch of the hazelnut salted toffee.

A single serving should be more than enough for the stomach of any ordinary human, but that won’t stop you.

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