ChangGo (CBD)

June 21, 2015

ChangGo is located on Little LaTrobe st, tucked behind RMIT’s glass panelled behemoth building. ChangGo is a place that executes Korean BBQ with effortless style. Large copper exhausts dangle over the sizzling hot plates on each table. Whilst normally it requires some preplanning in order to nab one of the tables, we managed to meander in on a late Saturday night and be seated immediately.

ChangGo offers the Korean BBQ take on a degustation; Palsaik. 8 assorted flavours of pork belly with kimchi, rice and a steamy hot hotpot – all for roughly $55, recommended for 2-3 people.

ChangGo Palsaik2

The eight flavours of pork belly were wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and hot, in order of placement.

ChangGo PalsaikFirst to sizzle on the hot plate laid before us was a collection of beansprouts, spicy kimchi and vegetables.


ChangGo Korean BBQ

At first we kept up with which pork was sizzling on the hot plate, but soon we lost count as staff members would flitter by, expertly lay some pork onto the plate and cut it up into bite size pieces with finesse. The wine and garlic had the most robust flavours penetrate the pork, however, every succulent pork belly slice was perfect and soon we had lost logistics of which pork piece was which.

ChangGo Hotpot

The seafood and tofu stew arrived steaming and brimming with hints of various flavours; seafood, tomato, hot pepper. The addition of mussels and humungous king prawns was definitely a bonus.

ChangGo Sogu

Although this was the first time we had actually Korean BBQ’d together,  the Palsaik at ChangGo definitely sparked the beginnings of a dining addition. Despite the menu claiming it serves 2-3 people, we left rolling out the door due to the copiuous pork and shochu consumption –  a fine way to mark the mid of the weekend.


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