Chin Chin (Melbourne CBD)

June 27, 2012

Chin Chin is the talk of the town at the moment, with good reason. The hyped up Chin Chin opened last year and offers no reservations – with people having to wait over an hour and a half in some instances to nab a table.

However, deciding on an early dinner (4pm), we managed to get a table within 10 minutes. After being confronted with a large menu of offerings, we decided to go with the “feed me” option.


Firstly, Kingfish Sashimi with lime, coconut and thai basil. The flavours of this dish were of the  mindblowing variety, each sashimi offered a powerful collection of flavours and was beautifully presented. This dish may have been the star of the dining experience.

The next dish served was the Pork Rollups, which we were free to construct ourselves.

Next was the fantastic Silken Tofu Salad with bitter dressing. The texture of the tofu was very crisp on the outside and held the flavour of the bitter dressing well, soon followed by the Chicken Curry dish. Although I’m an avid fan of curry, this seemed to be the weakest dish in terms of flavour. Although in any other restaurant this would be a sure winner, the striking flavours of the previous dishes seemed to have dulled the curries flavour integrity.

Full and thinking that I had been fed-,I paid the bill. However, we were to endure 2 more dishes. Braised Beef and a palm sugar ice cream sundae with honeycomb.  Despite being tortured by the amount of food I had just devoured, we managed to finish the remaining dishes.  I could not take a bite of the sundae but was assured that it met with our standards of deliciousness.

After about 3 hours of constant eating and wondering what the next dish would be, the ‘feed me’ option seemed to go above and beyond feeding me. I could not walk straight due to the massive amount of food I’d just consumed.  I would highly recommend the Feed Me option (and arriving at some obscure dinner/lunch hour to avoid the massive wait- patience when it comes to food is not a virtue I keep) Everyone seems to get a different variety of dishes when selecting “Feed Me” , and I’d strongly recommend not eating for at least a day beforehand in order to fit all of it in.



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