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January 1, 2013

The last time we visited the ever popular, no-reservations, cross-your-fingers-and-hope-you-get-a-table Chin Chin, we spent a good portion of the afternoon devouring the 7 courses we’d committed to by saying “Feed me”. We left feeling like we’d experienced food torture – delicious, delicious food torture.

Chin Chin cocktails

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan due to Chin Chin’s sometimes notorious long wait times . We arrived around 2.30pm on a Monday but were still directed downstairs to their Go-Go Bar to drink away the 20 minute wait.  The Far East and the Chai and Peach Ice Tea cocktails are perhaps some of the best we’ve had in a very,very long time. Each were potent and respectful of the herbal and citrus flavours.



Less than 20 minutes had passed before we were seated and we had ordered our Pork Roll Ups (a definite must)  and a Crispy Duck Salad. We were adamant that we would enjoy good food without leaving feeling like we were bursting at the seams like last time. The menu has had slight variations but Chin Chin listens to their hoards of fans and the obvious favourites remain. The no-fuss waitress suggested a side of rice to go with the crispy duck which made for a decent meal between two.

Pork Roll Up

The Pork Roll Ups were first up. The fact that you can construct your own roll ups is fun and invites use of the Siracha sauce that is strategically and enticingly placed upon every table. The pulled pork itself was a bit dry but generous addition of the plum sauce and some siracha remedied that. The slaw was flavourful with chilli, tangy lime stealing the spotlight. The papers were soft, subtle and slightly sticky – but the good type of sticky which indicates freshness.

Pork Roll Up in action

Next up was the Crispy Duck Salad. The Thai basil, lemon, ginger and especially the pickled cucumbers flavoured the crispy skinned duck perfectly. The duck itself was a bit difficult to get through – I can never seem to elegantly pull meat off a bone in public.

Crispy Duck

Dessert was a coconutty, candied ginger triumph. It was so incredibly sweet but the texture of the young coconut flesh alongside the chewy,candied ginger was amazeballs.

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