December 15, 2012

Although I’ve always lived in close proximity to the pizza and pasta saturated Lygon St, I’d never visited D.O.C until recently.

We arrived for an early dinner – but the restaurant quickly filled up around us. The waiter informed us that there were a couple of pizzas on special offer. The service overall was knowledgeable, attentive and authentic without being pretentious or suffocating.

J selected the fig, gorgonzola, prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella pizza which was offered as a special on the night. I opted for the speck, porcini mushroom and fontina cheese with fresh thyme.

The pizzas were crisp and were respectful of the ingredients which were top quality. The prosciutto was crisp and slightly salty which was perfectly balanced by the fontina cheese and earthy porcini mushrooms. J agreed on the earth-like richness of the mushrooms.

The fig and Gorgonzola pizza was a strategic balance of both sweet and savoury flavours with the figs moistness perfectly complimenting the powdery, crisp pizza base.

Overall, the service was immaculate and the pizzas were well worth the raves they receive amongst the pizza fans around Melbourne.

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