Dumplings Plus (CBD)

April 4, 2013

Dumplings are my go-to meal if I’m rushed for time and hungry for small morsels of delicately wrapped pork. In this instance, we were rushing off to the Comedy Festival to see Arj Barker and hadn’t planned what we were going to scoff down quickly before the show.

Naturally, dumplings were our first choice but as we hadn’t booked a table for the oh-so popular Hutong, nor were we in the mood for revisiting Shanghai Dumpling Houses’ constantly depreciating quality of dumplings, after wandering around in search for a promising dumpling experience, we stumbled into Dumplings Plus.


I’ve visited Dumplings Plus several times over a few years and they never fail to provide decent dumplings. I’ve never ventured into non-dumpling territory but the table next to us seemed to be enjoying various hot pots.

We quickly ordered pork and chilli dumplings ($9.80) for 15 and the Shanghai Dumplings – which are just Shao Long Bao.


The Pork Chilli Dumplings arrived super fast and were hotter than the surface of the sun. Although their pockets of pork were delicious, J agreed that the skin was far too thick for our liking and this seemed to be a theme across all of our dishes. The skin seemed to be a bit gluey and had the thickness of market dim sum.

dp3Next to arrive was old faithful Shao Long Bao (or Shanghai Dumplings). These too had quite a thick skin and were quite a bit larger than the Shao Long Bao you’ll find in Melbourne. As a result, they are filled with loads of brothy soup which we siphoned out with glee.

Although probably not as delicious as the dumplings you can experience at Hutong or China red, the price is just right and the service is ninja-fast, making Dumplings Plus a viable option if you’re rushing off to see a show and need something to satisfy those hunger pangs.
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