French Lettuce (Fitzroy)

July 7, 2013

French Lettuce offers creamy,sugary delights and  are often heralded the makers of the best vanilla slice enthusiastically by fellow Melbournians and The Age newspaper. After such endorsement, I finally made the trip to acquire my little slice of heaven.

photo (1)The patisserie is quite small, with shelves upon shelves consisting of a whole colour spectrum of sweet offerings.

photo (2)

We decided to conquer Melbournes best vanilla slice -the guy behind the counter gleefully plonked two glistening large slices into a small tray for us to take to the nearby Edinborough Gardens.

photoThe flakey, buttery pastry is one to cherish and a slice of Melbournes best vanilla slice will only set you back $5.

photo (6)Wrapping my teeth around the huge slice, half disconnecting my jaw to allow the soft pastry crumble around the luscious vanilla filling, I realised that this vanilla slice is not for the faint of heart. The lightness of the egg made the filling delicate and the volume meant that after my initial bite my fingers were covered in delicious vanilla slice.

If you have yet to try French Lettuces’ vanilla slice, you’re doing yourself a disservice. I will be returning to devour of their delectable cakes and pastries…
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