Fukuryu Ramen (CBD)

August 21, 2014

“Slurp louder” J demanded as we slurped up our delcious tonkotsu ramen upstairs in Melbourne’s latest popular ramen establishment, Fukuryu Ramen. We are both heading to Japan very soon so we have been practicing our audible slurp technique – in Japan it’s considered rude not to slurp loudly. Cultural nuances aside, Fukuryu Ramen, located just off China town up an unassuming flight of stairs, has quickly achieved popularity.

We ordered 2 regular Tonkotsu Ramen and an obligatory side of chicken karaage (fried crumbed chicken for those playing at home) from the girl who had the genki-style service truly down-pat.

Inside Fukuryu Ramen

Inside Fukuryu Ramen


Then the chicken karaage arrived in all of it’s crunchy, spicy glory.  These little morsels were accompanied by a healthy dose of shredded cabbage.


Soon after, a creamy pork broth signature Tonkotsu was plonked in front of us. There is nothing quite more welcoming then a massive bowl of ramen with pockets of pork fat glistening on the surface, on a bone-chilling Melbourne winters day.  The noodles were much softer than the noodles we usually get at Kokoro Ramen, which I preferred. The slivers of bamboo shoots perfectly soaked up the pork bone broth whilst still retaining a pleasant chewy texture. The soy egg was cooked to perfection, and it was nice to see it was included in the signature dish.  The slices of pork were the only thing that let this Tonkotsu down – they were perhaps too scarce and slightly too fatty. J also added that he would have preferred a healthy cross-section of pork belly instead.


Fukuryu Ramen is a great place to swing-by for a ramen fix. Seeing the hustle of the open kitchen is a great feature few other ramen establishments have. The service was quick, super-duper friendly and the small GPS tags made it easy for our ramen to find it’s way to our table. Fukuryu Ramen is located just a stones-throw off China Town and a well-placed oversized billboard will ensure you won’t and can’t miss it.

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