Gogo Sushi (CBD)

November 17, 2013

Sushi trains are becoming somewhat of a dying breed in Melbourne, and J had never sushi-trained before. I’ve always felt like there is a tremendous novelty factor about the fast-paced consumption that eating in front a conveyor belt of sushi begs for. ¬†Gogo Sushi, located on Swanston st, offers both a sushi train and order-able menu items. The decor is pretty no-fuss and the service can be a bit spotty, however, it is a great quick lunch or dinner option.


Prawn Sushi $3.50

We began our sushi train experiencing by nabbing a couple of prawn sushi with red onion,roe and seaweed. The prawn itself was nothing spectacular but the added roe was a nice touch.

Lobster Ball Tempura $3.50

Lobster Ball Tempura $3.50

Next up was the hard to resist “Lobster Ball”. Super deep fried, once penetrated, the tempura batter revealed a fluffy lobster (and I think potato) filling. I’m pretty sure we devoured about 10 of these.

Tempura Prawn Roll $3.50

Tempura Prawn Roll $3.50

Continuing the theme of prawns, the tempura prawn rolls are lightly battered with a zingy mustard dressing. These were scrumptious little crispy bites and the prawn was far better in taste than the standard prawn sushi.

Unagi (Eel Sushi) $5.50

Unagi (Eel Sushi) $5.50

The Unagi is a menu item we had to order separately. The Unagi arrived quite quickly in the form of shiny, lightly soy-dashed bundles of eel. These were especially delicious and well worth the extra order.

Gogo Sushi is a viable sushi train option in Melbourne. However, I’m not convinced it’s the best sushi you can get in the CBD and may be only worth visiting if you crave the last decades novelty fixation on rotating fish.

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