Grace (Fitzroy)

May 6, 2013

Quaint, cute and twee are the first impressions you receive from Grace, a new cafe in Fitzroy just next to the Rose St Markets. Small vials contain sugar and dainty paper flowers are placed onto each handcrafted table. The front facade contains a beautiful mural which we actually witnessed being painted after a trip to the Rose st Markets, not knowing that soon the cafe behind the mural by local artist Adnate would soon be home to delicious things (and a quark-enthused menu!)

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We ventured there to try our luck at scoring a table on a late, sunny Saturday afternoon. We were quickly seated next to a large, airy window looking out on the comers and goers of Rose st. I’m certain that Fitzroy may be the best place to get your people watching fix whilst you sip on some velvety coffee.  I ordered my standard skinny flat-white and J ordered his usual dose of chai latte.

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The coffee was silky, strong and just how I like it. I managed to steal a sip of the chai and it, too, was delicious.


The first thing that lured me to Grace was the promise of Quark Filled Crepes, served with either cream & berry coulis or lemon curd. Quark cheese is something that my family adores and growing up I was privy to the incessant complaints about the lack of quark supplies in Melbourne.  Not here. Quark is served with crepes, and salmon bagels. Wanting something not so sweet for breakfast, I opted for the smoked salmon bagel served with quark, red onion and rocket.  Naturally, I had to coerce J into ordering the crepes with lemon curd, just so I could taste test them…

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As soon as the crepes were laid out in front of J we were in holy crepe heaven. Handsomely crisp on the outside, filled with creamy quark cheese  and served with generous amounts of cream and lemon curd. These were perfection.


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Although this photo doesn’t quite depict the bagel spewing out quark out of its hole, that is exactly what happened. Delicious quark was lathered onto the fresh,smoked salmon. Served with a lemon wedge, this may have been the greatest bagel I’ve ever devoured. To be fair, I don’t usually order bagels because I find them quite pedestrian but it was so hard to go past salmon and quark together- like they should be.

Everything about Grace is so lovely. I hate using the word ‘lovely’, but that is the right word to describe this Fitzroy cafe which unbelievably used to be a brothel and porn studio.The crepes and salmon bagel was served on cutesy European plate ware that reminded me of an afternoon tea at Grandmas .Everything tastes better served on Grandma-esque floral plates. The waitress that served us was so lovely and sweet. I actually can’t imagine any bad service (or food) coming from Grace and it is well worth a visit.
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