Green Park (Carlton North)

May 2, 2015

Green Park opened up where St Ali North had it’s short debut and it had been on my to-do list for quite some time. I really wanted to fall in love with Green Park with it’s fantastic space, bike friendly location and interesting menu.  I really did.

coffee sign park st

A constant ebb and flow of cyclists grabbing a quick caffeine boost affirms you are indeed in Carlton North, where the coffee is bold and soy is always an option. We ordered the usual; skinny flat white and a chai latte.

Coffee and chai

Rarely in this pocket between Carlton, Brunswick East and Fitzroy, you’ll get a coffee that isn’t top notch. Between overly bitter sips of coffee, slightly dulled by the velvety milk,  I realised that this was an OK coffee – but not great. And the chai? Weak and unexciting. There’s plenty of better options around to get your caffeine fix.

Filled Bagel with Avocado, egg, dill, herbed cream cheese, rocket (v)($12)

Filled Bagel with Avocado, egg, dill, herbed cream cheese, rocket (v)($12)

The filled bagel was served with delightfully crunchy, salty sweet potato chips. The bagel itself was a tad too hard and gnawing on it gave my jaw a good workout. The filling was a simple mix of egg, avocado and rocket and was actually pretty tasty once I managed clamp down on the bagel.

Green Park Bagel

Green Park Big Breakfast

Green Park Breakfast – 63 degree eggs, thick cut bacon, sausage, beans, hash brown & toast ($21)

I watched as the 63 degree egg was penetrated with the fork, revealing a gooey yolk which was quickly absorbed by the bread. Impressive. The smokey bacon was thick with a rind of fat and was the highlight of the breakfast. The sausage, whilst it looked amazing, it lacked any sort of herb or flavour infusion. Asked what he thought about his hash brown, the answer was “Nope”.

green park review

The service was attentive and friendly, and couldn’t be faulted at all. It’s just a shame that the food didn’t match the level of service.

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