Hien Vuong (Footscray)

July 25, 2013

It’s Pho Thursday, where I celebrate by locating a new place to slurp oversized bowls of pho each week. Last week we ventured to the hot-spot of Vietnamese restaurants that is Footscray. This establishment doesn’t offer menus, they are written on large boards above the conference styled tables and plastic chairs. Cranking my neck to see all the delicious offerings was too overwhelming and we both defaulted to the tried and true beef pho.

phohien4Quickly a large plate of beansprouts, thai basil and chilli was plonked in front of us. The basil was fresh, as were the bean sprouts.phohien3phohien The broth was beefy, fragrant and didn’t require the fanatic condiment adding that I love participating in.  The beef arrived rare, delicate and in generous proportion. Fish sauce was splashed with loads of siracha and a touch of hoisin was also added to the mix of flavours. Hien Vuong invitingly lays out all of my favourite condiments which is a HUGE plus.

phohien2We also ordered a serve of mixed spring rolls to share and dip into the incredible broth. The spring rolls were a good move because they are delicious at Hien Vuong!

Hien Vuong knows how to churn out a killer,hot broth with the usual lukewarm service that is indicative of a pho-real pho restaurant.
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