Jack And Daisy (Pascoe Vale)

November 6, 2014

I hardly ever venture back to my childhood stomping ground in search of culinary delights. It’s not that the far north doesn’t have fantastic offerings – it’s just that I have too much damn good cafes to get through in my immediate area before I can even start to contemplate other ‘burbs’. The high Urbanspoon rating of Jack and Daisy combined with my best friend moving nearby meant that patronising this popular Pascoe Vale café was pure fate.

Arriving on a Saturday morning, the café was bursting with those seeking refuge post-workout and families brunching. Luckily my friend had managed to nab a table in the corner. The tables, however, are packed in tightly to cater for the popularity.


Service was quick, friendly and to the point with my chai latte order being taken and delivered so quickly that I am convinced they have a TARDIS kitchen which defies some sort of space/time logic.

I know I’m a predictable snorefest when it comes to brunch menus, but I can’t resist fritters – so guess what I ordered? The corn fritters – with a side of trout and a perfectly gooey poached egg. Bf ordered scrambled eggs with a side of bacon. One thing became apparent as soon as the colossal dishes hit the table – we were going to need more stomach real estate. BF’s plate was overthrown by scrambled eggs and bacon (not that she was complaining).


My teetering fritter tower and soaked up the goopey insides of the poached egg. Paired with the fresh trout and it was a marriage of flavour profiles.

Jack and Daisy is clearly ticking all the right boxes when it comes to operating a café. The staff, despite being run off their feet, still make the time to smile and deliver impeccable service. The fare is scrumptious, plentiful and just the right price. If I happen to be in the area , I will definitely be making at least a coffee pit stop.

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