K & H Hot Bread (Brunswick)

March 19, 2015

After our trip to Vietnam, my fascination with Banh Mi never really subsided. Is there really anything better than crunchy bread rolls, slathered in delicious pâté filled with succulent pork. Of course not – that was rhetoric. 

Unfortunately when it comes to sourcing Banh Mi, I live in a bit of a dead zone. Far from the bakeries of Footscray and mostly too lazy to scour Richmond for a parking space, I found out after some Urbanspooning that K & H Hot Bread on Sydney Road offer a decent banh mi.



Among rolls, K & H also offer pastries, vanilla slices, rice paper rolls and bread.  There’s a few different roll fillings to choose from and we weren’t sure whether the Vietnamese Roll or the BBQ Pork Roll would be best. 2 orders of the BBQ Pork Roll with salad were made because the BBQ Pork was hard to pass up. I  have it on good authority that the meat balls would have been an equally good choice.


KANDH banh mi



The BBQ Pork Roll was quickly assembled with expert finesse. The above picture doesn’t really do the roll justice, but it’s very difficult to capture the beautifully soft, yet crunchy roll slowly absorbing the spicy juices from the BBQ Pork.  I was a little disappointed that this roll was more of a pork and salad roll and lacked pate and a unhealthy dose of buttery goodness.  This is probably more of a failing on my part as the Vietnamese Pork Roll option would have been far more reminiscent of the banh mi I had in Hanoi.

KandH Banh Mi 2

Inside the BBQ Pork Roll was lettuce, beetroot, coriander, soft tender pieces of bbq pork and tomato.  I did add a generous squirt of sriracha at home because I’m pretty much addicted to it which really rounded out the entire roll and added the chilli kick I was looking for.

Overall for about $6, K & H Hot Bread delivers delicious bread rolls and makes for a great lunch option if you find yourself nearby.
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