Kake Di Hatti (Brunswick)

April 17, 2013

Kake Di Hatti is located in East Brunswick, just a small stroll down from popular, cheap,no frills Thaila Thai. Similarly, Kake Di Hatti is in the same spirit , offering decent Indian food at an amazingly low cost. In fact, the bill between the two of us was about $30 which cemented our newly acquired love for this no-fuss,no-frills Indian restaurant.

After reading several blogs rave about Kake Di Hatti , I decided on a whim to check it out late on a Tuesday evening.  There is nothing pretentious to be found here. Just cheap, flavourful north Indian cuisine. And oh, the garlic naan…the naan is an essential side and at Kake Di Hatti it is perfection.



We quickly ordered garlic naan, rice, the goat curry and chicken korma. When asked how spicy we wanted it, we gave the usual hopeful response of ‘very spicy, we like spice!’. Bring it on. Whilst waiting we broke open the bottle of wine J had brought. I  freakin’ love BYO and at 99c per person, we couldn’t resist even if it was a uni/work night for us.  We weren’t left waiting long and within about 10 minutes our curries arrives, steaming of wonderful fragrance.

photo (1)

The chicken korma was creamy, super tasty but lacked the spicy punch we’d anticipated. Nevermind, I was too preoccupied with soaking my naan in it’s sweet flavours it to worry about spice.  The boneless chicken pieces were large and held the korma flavour well.

photo (2) photo (3)

The Goat Curry was also very tasty, but unfortunately could not contend with the chicken korma which was outrageously delicious. J noted it had strong notes of tomato, which for me isn’t a bad thing but I do acknowledge that some people prefer their curries to be less tomato-heavy.  The meat was for the most part good, but I did have to remove a couple of pesky bones.

The service was friendly, quick and I’m always delighted when questioned on the desired spice level in my meal (Kake Di Hatti gets a small nod for this).

Kake Di Hatti will be a favourite local Indian restaurant and I do not doubt that we will return when the Indian cravings take hold.
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