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Katsukura (Kyoto, Japan)

July 2, 2016

“The Japanese say, If the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated.” –  Lester Cole

Who knew that the tastiest food could be found deep inside a train station? All of Japan, apparently.  Situated on the 7th floor of the structurally beautiful Kyoto Station behemoth is Katsukura. Having spent the day walking, and walking, around Universal Studios in Osaka, fried pork cutlets were all I could think about.  I had read about Katsukura previously, but I had not expected the well-appointed, wood embellished restaurant inside.

The menu is broken up into ‘sets’ and I opted for the larger pork katsu. Each set comes with unlimited refills of cabbage, miso and rice.


First arrived was a bowl of sesame seeds which we were instructed to grind away using the pestle, to later add to the sauces


A number of sauces were available on the table to mix at will into small bowls – spicy katsu sauce, traditional sauce, mustard and a light sweet vinegar for the shredded cabbage



The flaky, juicy pork katsu that arrived was love at first bite. In-between each tender bite, I couldn’t help but be incredulous as to how the breading can be so thick and flaky, yet adhere to the juicy tender cutlet.  The miso soup added a slurp of saltiness between bites and the crispy, thinly shredded cabbage was the unsung hero.

The service at Katsukura was patient and helpful – especially when we were fumbling to try and work out what each of the empty bowls was destined for. They also have an English menu and the waiter had good basic English skills.  I recommend an accompaniment of a Whisky highball for a Suntory time.

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