Kisume (CBD)

June 15, 2019

“Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.” ― Haruki Marukami

Taking a seat at the Kisume Chef’s Table is an experience.  I don’t know if words can come close to describing the other-worldly delicious mouthfuls that arrived in front of me that night. For that reason, this post will be a pictorial one.

The chefs table


Cured salmon tart, wasabi creme fraiche


Tuna nigiri, garlic, ume


Seared calamari nigiri, spring onion

Claire de Lune oyster, leek, ginger


Scallop nigiri, lime salt, dried kombu


Abalone shabu shabu nigiri, mustard mayo


Lemon cured King George whiting hako sushi


Smoked swordfish sashimi, micro herbs


Mud crab, caviar, soy crisp


Cured mackerel choux, anchovy miso


Scampi nigiri, 4 kinds of caviar


Moreton bay bug tempura handroll. It’s wrapped up like a gift.


Double toro nigiri, foie gras


Wagyu nigiri, quail egg, black truffle


Storm clam broth, inaniwa udon


Sakura mochi with frozen white chocolate and strawberries



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