Kokoro Ramen (CBD)

April 27, 2014

So we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus of late…but we’ve been still out and about gorging ourselves around Melbourne quite decadently. The good news is that I’ve got a huge backlog of food blogging to catch up on – the bad news is that my laziness (and new job – yay) will probably mean the posts will take a while. Another bad news of note is that I managed to drown my blogging camera in water so I’ve had to shamefully rely on my phone to take food porn.

We’ve recently become a little obsessed with Japanese cuisine and Joe suggested we spent Easter slurping ramen. Who am I to argue with good advice? With some luck we found a urbanspoon adored ramen institution open on Easter Sunday and began our Kokoro Ramen slurpfest.


As soon as we stepped into the warmth of Kokoro Ramen, my nostrils were filled with delicious herby broth scents.

KR4 KR3We started off with some Takowasa – raw Octopus in wasabi ($5.50). These juicy little suckers were so fun to chew with an added extra nostril-flaring kick at the end. Whilst the Takowasa was delightfully chewy, chewing the cold, raw octopus became a bit of a chore towards the end of the small serving.


I couldn’t go past the Tokyo Shoyu Ramen – an indulgent salty soy,chicken and seafood broth with a succulent piece of pork belly. I was expecting the Tokyo Ramen to be quite salty, but it was perfectly fine for my palette. That being said, I’m pretty sure I am head cheerleader of the salt fan club so it might be best to request ‘less salty’ which is an option Kokoro Ramen offers for the less salt-centric customer. The egg was the perfect level of boiled.. The noodles were soft but without compromising the chewiness that makes ramen such a joy to eat. The tokyo shoyu ramen is a sure winner.



However, throughout my meal I suffered the dreaded food envy as I watched Joe eat a beautifully creamy pork bone broth Tonkotsu. After managing to convince Joe to peel away from his ramen and allow me a quick taste, I’m pretty sure that he won in terms of ramen selection. I would probably return for the tonkotsu alone.

Kokoro Ramen is super quick, efficient and a order-at-the-counter and take a number sort of place. I like the no-fuss approach to service and the speed at which the ramen was plonked down onto our table. The fit out is cosy and the walls are decked out with cool posters which you can also purchase.

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