Laksa Bar (CBD)

March 16, 2015

I have endured the lines of Laksa Melbourne royalty, Laksa King, several times and I was sure Melbourne was in the know when it came to where to source the best.  I have refrained from reviewing Laksa Bar for some time now, partly because it’s bounds ahead of any laksa I have had in Melbourne and I don’t want to draw the enthusiasts out like moths to the light. And partly because I am incredibly lazy.

Laksa bar is located down narrow Little Lonsdale St.  The space is small but works with the vibe. The menu here is filled with laksas and other small bites to accompany your alcoholic beverage as is perfect for a quick catch up with friends after work.

Laksa bar melbourne

Laksa Bar offers chicken, seafood, tofu and soft shell crab laksas. I struggle to go past the large spindley deep-fried soft shell crab, but I’m certain the others would also be incredible given the delectableness of the thick, creamy, slightly spicy coconut broth. (Protip: for those who like to live dangerously, it is recommended to request it be spicy – you’ll be rewarded with a little dish of concentrated spicy)

laksabar soft shell crab

The soft shell crab laksa will set you back about $15 for a bowl filled with noodles, coconut cream, bouncy tofu, those mysterious (but delicious) pieces of fish cake, crunchy fried wonton skins adorn the top and a crunchy soft shell crab.

From experience, a regular sized laksa will ensure your seams are bursting if you manage to slurp through the entire bowl.  If you haven’t already – visit Laksa Bar for their soft shell crab laksa, it has been a solid winner every time I have visited.

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