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Larder (Daylesford)

September 8, 2013

We stumbled upon the small and intimate cafe, Larder, one weekend when we found ourselves on a mission to the reaches of Daylesford. Continuing the theme of ingesting boards filled with meaty and cheesy delights, a charcuterie board was quickly ordered – with some warmed olives on the side.

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What arrived soon after at our table was one of the most impressive charcuterie share boards I’ve ever had the privilege of devouring.  This was made especially delicious with a glass of Larder’s house red wine.


Smoked Oysters with sweet lemon and chilli dressing; a large slab of potent blue vein cheese; mountains of delicately sliced prosciutto; crusty, warm sourdough bread; earthy pickled beetroot; dense pate with rich and irony flavours (I think it may have been pork?); and grilled eggplant, blackened with charred stripes.

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photo (5)Everything spread before us was absolutely delicious and arrived as a very generous serving.  The smoked oysters in particular offered an interesting combination of smokey, sweet and chilli flavours.


The service at Larder was impeccable. At one point J managed to drop some cutlery on the floor and within a few ninja seconds a quick-to-act waiter had already retrieved the lost silverware and replaced it with a new one. The wine was very drinkable, which is a shame because I would have happily downed 2, 3 or 4 glasses if I hadn’t been on driving duty.  The cafe is quite small but it gives the place a good ambiance of passing tourists and locals gleefully chowing down and discussing future Daylesford adventures.

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