Little Ramen Bar (CBD)

April 29, 2015

Ramen solves everything. Even though ramen sprung from China, it was quickly adopted as Japans soul food and is now largely recognised as a Japanese dish on the same level of sushi. Little Ramen Bar has surged in popularity among the ramen slurping community, and for good reason. It’s tiny 30-seater Tshop constantly has a small line of patrons and smells of 12 hour pork bone broth waft out the door.

Little Ramen Bar’s menu is simple and pays tribute to traditional ramen flavours with choice between shio, shoyu and miso varieties for most broths. On top of their ramen offerings you can opt for extras such as a ‘garlic bomb’ to ward off those vampires or extra BBQ pork slices and chilli.

Chashu Tamago

The Chashu Tamago ramen is Little Ramen Bar’s ‘most popular’ and includes all the essential ramen toppings – gooey eggs, 3 slices of bbq pork, bamboo, nori and spring onion. Morsels of fat emulsified in the slow-cooked pork broth and made for a hearty bowl of ramen. The broths consistency was reminiscent of ramen I had in Akihabara, Tokyo and was a very traditional take on tonkotsu. I am aware that the visible fat and richness of the broth can be off-putting to some (especially those punishing themselves on diets) , but it truly is a fantastic rich porky broth and leaves you feeling just fuller than content. The pork was succulent, rimmed with a lovely layer of fat and broke apart when pronged with the chopsticks.  The soft boiled egg wasn’t as “goopey” as I would have liked but still had that pleasant softness to the yolk.

Little ramen bar review

A ramens worth can be measured in two parts – the broth and the noodles. Little Ramen Bar manages to cook the homemade noodles to the perfect point. The springy yellow noodles remained delightfully chewy the entire time I gulped down my bowl of ramen. This is quite the scientific feat – to ensure the noodles keep their firmness whilst swimming in the hot broth.

Garlic Shio Ramen

Across from me was a large bowl of Garlic Shio Ramen. Similar to the Chashu Tamago in broth, the only difference I could pick up was the poignant  garlic injection. I actually preferred the broth of the Garlic Shio Ramen but only because I am a bit of a garlic addict. This Garlic Shio Ramen would be the perfect remedy to ward off a winters cold.

Little Ramen Bar hits the spot pretty well and I’m pretty keen on revisiting for their “Garlic Bomb” to accompany their decadently fatty tonkotsu broth.

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