Lux Foundry (Brunswick)

April 19, 2015

lux foundry brunswick

Lux Foundry is situated right next to Brunswick station and boasts a large repurposed factory interior and a large outdoor eating space. One of my dearest friends recently adopted a puppy so our brunch date had to be in a dog friendly cafe. Lux Foundry is super dog friendly, with the waitress’ gushing over the puppy and adjacent diners hopping over to our table for a pet. We were surrounded by tail-wagging dogs of all sizes, accompanying their owners for brunch.

They see him rollin'

They see him rollin’

Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate arrived in a massive vessel, containing thick chocolate sludge that had accumulated at the bottom. Perfectly decadent to accompany an Autumn brunch session.

Flat White

My flat white was creamy, thick and contained the well respected Proud Mary coffee.

Smoked Salmon and Cauliflower Fritters + poached egg.

Smoked Salmon and Cauliflower Fritters + poached egg.

The cauliflower fritters were so crispy – I suspect they may have gone through some deep-frying magic.  The salmon was fresh and was riddled with capers. The egg (pictured at the back) wept a bright yellow yolk once pierced which mixed quite nicely with the creme fraiche, chives and the squeezes of lemon. Lux Foundry really delivers a wonderfully light but satisfying breakfast in their take on fritters.

Eggs and bacon

Free Range Eggs + Sourdough Toast + Bacon

A cafe is only as good as it can serve up it’s eggs. The silky scrambled eggs and a good slab of bacon is simple but a well-earned breakfast favourite. And Lux Foundry knows their eggs. Lux Foundry is a great place to stop by for an extended brunch with friendly service, ample seating and a good selection of interesting brunch meals in addition to the classics.

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