Manchester Press (CBD)

July 6, 2013

This was actually my second visit to this fine purveyor of silky coffee and delicious bagels. However, on the first attempt to visit the ever popular Manchester Press I was greeted by hoardes of coffee enthusiasts filling up Rankin Lane. Being the ravenous individual I am, I had no time to wait in line and went off to seek some (disappointing) food elsewhere. One my second visit (a Wednesday afternoon), a table was very easy to swing and soon I’d found myself immersed in conversation with my dear friend Muhammed, cheerfully sipping a fantastic flat white.

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photo (2)The Press’ interior is gorgeously lit, with its high ceilings and large communal wooden tables. The quirky artwork sprawled across the walls and behind the counter , I’m told, is done by someone who works there.  Each little detail gives Manchester Press immense character and encourages friendly banter between strangers seated at the communal tables.

photoThe menu comprises mostly of breakfast meals, bagels and salads – not that this is a bad thing. Instead of being restrictive, Manchester Press offers bagels covered with both sweet and savoury delights. The service is pretty fast and soon I was being quizzed on what I wanted to devour. Thinking quickly, I ordered the Salmon Bagel with capers, dill and cream cheese – I find it so hard to go past a menu item which includes salmon.  My friend ordered the Fruit and Nut Bagel which I eyed off intently but unfortunately I’m one of those ‘nut allergy’ folk that dwindle in the shadows of sweet crepes and bagels.

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My bagel arrived with mountains of smokey,fresh salmon laid atop. Large caper pods added bursts of bitterness to every salmon filled bite. The cream cheese was thick and interspersed with pieces of dill which complimented the smoked salmon. The small salad served on the side was pretty basic but the sweet balsamic dressing was perfection.

photo (1)The Fruit and Nut bagel was so visually enticing with its thickly applied mascarpone cheese, its bright red strawberries and dustings of pistaccio nuts. I was forced to take the above photo with haste. Apparently if you’re not afraid of nuts-  like myself, then this is the bagel you should be ordering.

I adore Manchester Press in every way. Some people have commented that the staff have this air of ‘too cool’ but I’d completely disagree. The staff are quick to notice you’re without coffee and they have an absolutely lovely manner. Be warned, The ‘Press seriously packs out during weekends and lunchtimes.
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