Markov (Carlton)

April 2, 2015

Cider on a Tuesday. There’s something beautiful about that sentence, isn’t there? Thankfully, if you throw a stone anywhere in inner Melbourne on a weeknight you’re bound to hit somewhere offering a cheap and tantalising deal to take up while you pretend you don’t have a drinking habit.

We stopped by Markov to sample their $15 wagyu burger deal on a warm night in early Autumn and left with grateful stomachs.

markov carlton

I’ve often passed by Markov and its previous incarnation, Markov Place, as part of my regular neighbourhood wandering. To be honest, I’m pretty stoked that it looks like it has become a fantastic spot to drop in for a cheeky beverage and a few bites to eat.

markov burger review

Alright, enough waffle – let’s talk burgers. This is a classic, home style burger. The kind you make at home and feel like king of the world – only this time it’s with a thick patty of herbed wagyu. Throw in a sharp cheese (cheddar?), some relish, pickles and a couple of thick rashers of bacon and you’re in for a treat. The spread of lemony avocado on the inside of the bun was a nice touch, too.

Tell them about the chips…

The chips were freakin’ smashing, too.

Markov burger 2

Prior to this, I had this idea in my head the Markov was more of a stuffy, formal sit-down dining experience. Way off. There’s a huge area out the back with more of a beerhall kind of vibe, plus some intimate corners near the front bar. It’s well worth checking out for the food, great service and the chance to peoplewatch as Carlton purrs around you.

Will be back.

Markov cider
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