Meatball and Wine Bar (Collingwood)

May 24, 2015

Meatball and Wine Bar in Collingwood is one of three of the brand that has popped up all around Melbourne. Lately, I have been a sucker for a good meal deal and on Wednesdays, the Smith St branch offers spaghetti, beef meatballs and garlic bread all for a measly $12.  Meatballs and Wine bar is dimly lit, lively and the music verges on ‘blaring’. The space also contains an impressively long bar where diners were seated sipping on wines from their extensive wine list .

Meatball and spaghetti special

The service is friendly and easy-going. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything of the pretentious kind here. The meatballs were dense, moreish and oh so filling. The sauce was light, sweet and muddled with hints of basil – scooped into the buttery, crusty garlic bread it was the perfect cure to a cold Melbourne evening. Being quite a big eater, even this was quite satisfying.

Meatball and wine co

I find the idea of pasta without a paring of a good wine to be alien. Luckily, Meatballs has a superb wine list. After downing 2 glasses of red during our meal, we opted for wine for dessert as well. The red wine goes down dangerously easily here. We were offered Whoopie Macs for dessert which is your choice of icecream sandwiched between your choice of cookie – but being so full of wine and balls, I’ll definitely be venturing back to sample what sounds like the ultimate ice cream sanga.

Meatball and Wine Bar is comfortable and perfect for escaping the winter chills with a paring of balls and of course, copious glasses of wine.
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