Ministry of Curry

November 19, 2013

Ministry of Curry had recently caught my attention in the midst that is Brunswick Easts fervently expanding dining scene. In the middle of the large population of Indian and Thai restauraunts, Ministry of Curry offers authentically cooked Sri Lankan cuisine.

Coconut and Garlic Roti

Coconut and Garlic Roti

The coconut and garlic roti was seeminly a ‘must’ order. However, what arrived was a dry and dense pancake that lacked any resemblence to the garlic and coconut flavours promised. This was just a small peeve in an otherwise flawless meal.


Devilled Beef Dish

The devilled dishes on offer include chicken,beef and seafood and we opted to share a devilled beef. The dish achieved the perfect balance between sweetness and that tangy-ness of the tamarind paste. The tender-devilled morsels of beef were melt-in-the-mouth amazing.  The serving size was deceptively large, with both of us struggling to finish it.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

The chicken curry was a pleasant surprise with herby undertones. The friendly waiter asked how hot we’d like our curry to be. Usually when we respond with an eager “HOT” we end up being served something that is only luke-warm to our chilli-seasoned tongues. However, Ministry of Curry seemed to listen and offered quite a kick. For this, they get serious brownie points.

Would we visit again? Most likely. The menu is expansive without causing the quality of the beautifully prepared dishes to suffer. The prices are reasonably cheap and the service is prompt and friendly.

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    when u say u would go let me know.
    Would like to join u guys.. Im a Lankan guy in Brunswick

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