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New Day Restaurant, Hanoi

January 25, 2013

Based on reviews on Trip Advisor, we decided to visit New Day for dinner. The place is constantly bustling with foreigners and some locals frequenting the restuarant which is located near the backpacker district.

We were ushered up a flight of narrow, slightly swaying, creaking steel stairs into a small room which was occupied by only a single family monging down the mountain of food which had been laid before them.

We were ravenous so no time was wasted with ordering hoards of pork ribs, hanoi spring rolls, grilled aubergine and tamarind prawns.


Pork Ribs

Sadly the Hanoi Spring Rolls were devoured before I had the chance to point my obscenely large camera at them. They were just ok. The Pork Ribs were chewy morsels and even better when allowed to swim amongst the various chilli sauces laid before us.


Tamarind Prawns (background : Grilled Aubergine)

The prawns benefited greatly from the addition of the tamarind sauce. The aubergine was my personal favourite – the eggplant was grilled to perfection and soaked up the soy that accompanied the dish.

New Day offers an extensive menu of the usual Vietnamese suspects and the value for money is exceptional. However, the atmosphere was lacking but we quickly got over the dingy upstairs setting once distracted by the parade of dishes.


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