December 2, 2011


This was attempt 2 of making pan fried gnocchi after being inspired by a couple of dishes I have eaten down Lygon st. I chose to use smaller gnocchi this time to allow a greater surface area to volume ratio in order to achieve a balance between crispiness and soft potato.


Pan fried Gnocchi is simple enough to prepare, however, managing to get it just right seems to come down to luck a lot of the time. My first attempt ended in chargrilled mush. Yum…

This time, I wasn’t afraid of using a lot of butter (salt reduced though) and fried the gnocchi in a pan in two batches. I also added some garlic and basil to the butter mix to infuse some flavour. It turned out pretty good and I’d recommend using medium heat for a longer period of time and cooking until golden brown on all sides.

I served the pan fried gnocchi with a sun dried tomato pesto sauce, chicken, mushrooms, a splash of red wine and onion. Although this gnocchi would also go well with a light cream sauce.

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