Pho 365 (Collingwood)

July 12, 2015

“Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.” -Ludwig van Beethoven

Pho, glorious pho. There’s nothing quite like a herby, chicken laced broth to dilute the edge off a Melbourne winters day. On this particular day, I asked for beef and chicken pho (pho ba ga). However, having just been swarmed by the Friday lunchtime crowd, I was out of luck and only the chicken was available. Providence would have it that the chicken pho was exactly what was necessary to discourage the oncoming cold whose tell-tale sniffles I had been experiencing all morning.


Pho365 delivered a clear broth, but what was unexpected was the furore of chicken and herb flavours concealed inside. Large, generous pieces of chicken glided among the added beansprouts, clumps of thai basil and bright red chilli. Condiments were aplenty, just how I like them – chilli oil, hoisin, sriracha – Pho365 ticked all the right boxes.

The tea served in the furnace was robust and I was tempted to ask them what style of tea they were serving.

The outside is unassuming, with a bright LED sign luring passers-by with promises of $9 pho. The interior itself is relatively small but they seemed to have a constant flow of nearby workers taking advantage of their quick takeaway service. Orders of spring rolls, rice paper rolls andpho flew out the door during a weekday lunch. The service is attentive, friendly and you order and pay at the counter.

For a $9 pho, the portion was quite large, the chicken was generous and I was left with a warm, liquid-filled belly – I’m pretty certain that this is someone’s definition of heaven. I could merrily devour the same dish 365 days a year.

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