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Pho Bo, Old Quarter, Hanoi

January 29, 2013

After attending a Sunday service at the majestic St Josephs Cathedral we decided to go on a pho hunt – yes, it’s been pho for breakfast everyday. Pho invigorates the senses with soupy,spicy goodness which allows us to spend the day dodging traffic with acrobat finisse. I’m certain that returning to the uninspiring, digestive nightmare that is toast or cereal will be a very difficult transition.



Around the corner from the cathedral was a small, hole-in-wall cafe offering pho. Though Joe ordered Pho Bo (for me) and Pho Ga (for him) we both were dished up large bowls of steamy, beefy, brothy pho bo. Nevermind, any pho is a welcome sight and we expertly added chilli, small lime kumquat things and started slurping up rice noodles.phobo3


The damage was 80,000 dong (AUD $4) for the both of us, which is more than the 60,000 dong (AUD $3) we have been getting across the road. It was surprisingly better than expected but street food has been a fickle beast we are yet to tame.

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