Pho Dzung (CBD)

April 9, 2013

Warning: Another Pho post follows (I’ll stop slurping my way through Melbourne’s Pho soon –  I promise!)

I admit that recently I’ve been obsessing over pho , but with good reason.  I’m in search of great pho  the best pho that Melbourne has to offer. Which is why I suggested to J that we would go to find some city pho for breakfast/lunch. We decided to visit Pho Dzung based on rave reviews from fellow Melbourne pho affectionados. Like most Asian eateries, the decor is not the focus here. In fact, the theme of plastic chairs and kitsch wall hangings is usually welcomed as a sign of a place that lets their food sing. Pho Dzung is no exception to this.


Seated quickly at a table, we pluck the menu from the wall next to us and begin deciding on pho. Joe decides on the chicken pho (which I,too, was keen on). The waiter approaches us within a minute or so and we quickly order two coconut drinks, a Chicken Pho and I spontaneously order the Hue Spicy Pho. I had no idea what to expect and was feeling instant regret that it was possible I’d have to spend the next 15 minutes suffering from severe food envy.

dzung1We were served a generous serving of bean sprouts, chilli, lemon wedges and fresh Thai basil. Mmm.


The Hue Spicy Pho arrived and I was delighted at the amount of beef and pork sausage. My concerns over having food envy instantly evaporated as I tasted the beefy,spicy broth. The sausage was soft , gently absorbing the fragrant broth. The beef was tenderly thinly sliced.


The great thing about Pho Dzung is that they are very generous with the amount of meat in each serving. Personally, I will always sacrifice the noodles in order to save room for the broth and meaty goodness.

dzung4The damage for two of us (including our drinks) was about $23.  Pho Dzung is the best pho I’ve experienced in Melbournes CBD and the service is noticeably friendlier than other bustling pho establishments.

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