Pho Hung – Preston

March 22, 2013

Situated just behind the bustling Preston Market, Pho Hung is pretty much the typical Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is found in Melbourne. Struck by a sudden Pho craving we found ourselves surrounded by tacky decor and the smell of brothy rice noodle soup being slurped at every table. The service was quick, efficient but not unfriendly. I hadn’t had pho since our recent trip to Vietnam (where it was a breakfast staple) and was a bit reluctant to try what Melbourne has to offer. Pho Hung reminded me that Melbourne can totally pull off Pho – and exceptionally so.

We ordered two servings of the ‘regular’ sized chicken and beef pho (pho bo ga) and a combination spring rolls to share.

bean shoots

Beanshoots, Lemon, Thai Basil and Chilli Sauce (hiding underneath)



Beef and Chicken Pho ($9)


 Combination Spring Rolls (about $8)

¬†The pho quickly arrived before us, steaming hot, fragrant and beckoning us to add the array of condiments that were on our table. I am always thrilled when presented with condiment and spice choice and Pho Hung doesn’t skimp out on delivering a good selection of sauces; chilli, hoisin , fish and chilli oil. The generous serving of beanshoots, thai basil, mint and lemon wedges was also very welcome.

After ritualistically piling spices, herbs, bean sprouts and squeezing the lemon wedges we began our pho frenzy. Afterwards I felt the familiar feeling of being in a pho coma which brought me back to the early mornings spent in Hanoi not so long ago. All up, Pho Hung is comparable to other good pho-centric restaurants in Footscray and Richmond and I would not hesitate to return when I need my next pho fix.

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