Queen Vic Market

January 2, 2013

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Queen Vic Market is a true Melbourne icon. Tourists flock to inspect Australiancentric souvenirs and locals get their meats,smelly cheeses, fruits and vegies.

I’m a student and eating a good, balanced diet can often be difficult on such a limited budget. I often eat out but I also save money by cooking healthy meals from scratch during the week. Instead of buying not-so-great expensive, plastic wrapped supermarket meat, I make a point of visiting the Vic Market weekly on a Sunday to stock up on cheap,quality meat.

Arrive on  Sunday and the QVM is flocked with punters trying to get a bargain, and with butchers/grocers spruiking  specials for meat, trays of meat and fruit.

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Just before close on a Sunday most things are marked down remarkably and you can get seafood by the tray (usually going for about $10/tray of assorted seafood).  We always buy an absurd amount of lean mince (2.5kg for $10 if you know where to look or who to ask nicely) and some osso buco – this week we managed to nab 3kg! Sometimes if feeling particularly experimental,  we’ll see if any seafood inspires us or grab a rack of lamb (which is great when marinated in lemon pepper overnight)

Joe has to have his quintessential fig stuffed with mascarpone (or white chocolate)  once we have conquered the meat section. I usually grab a borek for $3 which fills me up until dinner. However, if you are feeling decadent most delis sell amazing mascarpone,pepper filled prosciutto rolls which are 2 for $5.



photo (2)QVM also has some homemade jams and relishes located near the fruit and vegies section. These are delicious and often have free testers.

photo (4)After a huge shop we dig out the tupperware containers and divide our haul for individual meals to freeze. A trip to the market can feed us for the entire week and is hip pocket friendly. It’s hectic, exciting and rewarding and is definitely something we look forward to.

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