Red Spice Road QV (CBD)

January 12, 2014

Red Spice Road was one of those places we were really looking forward to dining in. Our expectations were incredibly high by the time we arrived at the doors of the McKillop st’s younger sibling located in QV as our stomachs groaned in hunger and anticipation.


After scanning the menu quickly, the realisation that I wanted to gorge myself on every single one of the menu items struck me. Luckily, RSR offers banquets so we selected the incredibly well priced $69 banquet.

Betel Leaf with Smoked Chicken

Betel Leaf with Smoked Chicken

First to grace our palates was the wonderful Betel Leaf with Smoked Chicken Betel Leaf served with  Avocado, Shallot and Lemongrass.

In the background sticky duck and cashew relish rests upon a crisp square of watermelon. The sticky, chewy duck morsels melted into the crunch of the watermelon upon each bite. A potently sweet dish but not at all unwelcome.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken  Ribs

Soon arrived another appetiser of fried chicken ribs, served with coriander and generous sprinklings of sliced chilli. Dipped into the sweet sauce, these bad boys might be the best friend chicken I’ve ever eaten. Yep.


Kingfish Salad

The kingfish salad was fresh and brimming with flavour – served with green tomatoes, sawtooth and chinese celery. The dressing was face-meltingly spicy and the kingfish pieces burst with zinginess from the lime. Whilst this dish was pretty good, it didn’t manage to capture the same fondness I have for the kingfish at Chin Chin.


Crispy Fried Chicken

redspiceroad6A delightfully unique experience came in the form of Crispy Fried Chicken with sour chilli sauce and roasted banana chilli topped with a lemongrass Relish. This was one spicy dish – and I loved it.  Soon I was gorging on Beef Cheeks with mushrooms, crunchy bean shoot salad all swimming in a delectable spicy broth. These were melt-in-your-mouth awesome.

redspiceroad7And then the most raved about dish of RSR arrived –  Chef John McLeay’s signature dish, the pork belly served with crunchy apple slaw, chilli caramel and black vinegar. The pork belly was succulent, sweet and the crisp outer layer delivered a delightful crunch to each bite. Whilst everyone raved about this dish, I can’t personally say I fell in love. This might be due to my love of savoury dishes rather than the tooth-achingly sweet. J however probably would have proposed right there and then to the pork belly if I hadn’t been present.

Red Spice Road was an incredible dining experience. The staff are friendly and have enthusiasm for the food that the kitchen churns out. The banquet was astoundingly great value and we left not wanting to ever eat again (not that that’d ever happen!).

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