Residential Kitchen (Carlton North)

April 14, 2012

This place is the place to grab breakfast in Carlton.  Not only am I a massive baked-eggs convert, the other breakfast offerings are just as nice if I’m not looking to endure a food coma for the rest of my day. Baked Eggs can only be consumed if I plan on not moving for the rest of the entire day, and so, I had the baked omelette instead. I’m definitely considered a regular here and known to make at least a weekly pilgrimage to get my baked eggs.

Served with a generous rocket salad( which was a bit far too bitter on the taste buds), tomato sugo and two large slices of sourdough toast, the baked omelette contains all sorts of yummy ingredients such as feta, tomato, herbs etc. However, the serving proportions of each item is confusing and a little bit ill-thought out. I enjoy mixing my foods – especially when there is bread and eggs involved. The bread :egg ratio seems a bit skewed towards being left with far too much sour dough bread, which, whilst nice by itself, it far better when mixed with the other plate occupants.

I think I shall stick with my standard baked eggs and induced food comas.

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