Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder (Richmond)

June 27, 2012

Located on Bridge Road, this place packs out on a Saturday morning*. Craving coffee and a decent breakfast we ventured to this cafe which has a formaggerie (all the cheeses in one room , a caseophiles dream)

I ordered my usual skinny flat white- which wasn’t rave worthy but did the trick. I think I’ve become spoiled with coffee in Melbourne so it takes a very special coffee to impress.  I ordered the  Potato & Chive Rosti with Smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs, pistou sauce, Cantelet cheese fondue & grain mustard. I just can’t  go past a salmon containing breakfast if it is on offer.

The Potato and Chive Rosti with Smoked Salmon- perfect.

The Pork belly

J had Twice cooked Golden Plains pork belly, sage & onion stuffing, caramelised apples, celeriac, smoked dry cured bacon, mulled cider soaked prunes & roasting juices (GF)

I managed to steal a bite of the pork belly, and it was everything that pork belly should be. Decadently crispy with soft pork under the skin. And the jus was perfect.

Although this place did a great breakfast, I’m not sure if I would return soon as the coffee didn’t really give me my morning ‘fix’ which is very important to me.

*- My mornings usually start around 1pm on weekends.

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