Saigon Pho (Carlton)

May 11, 2013

I’d visited Saigon Pho twice ,within the same week, it was that good. Saigon Pho has probably the nicest decor and friendliest service I’ve encountered in a pho restaurant. This makes Saigon Pho have a slightly better vibe with it’s timber floors and chandeliers, compared to the average plastic chair/table combinations and abrupt service I’m accustomed to when itching my pho itch.

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I ordered the Beef Pho and a cà phê sữa. I can never pass up a Vietnamese coffee with it’s thick, bitter, sludgy coffee and sweet curls of condensed milk. Saigon Pho does a great coffee and is located a stones-throw from Melbourne University. I’m very tempted to make a habit of getting sweet coffee fix between every lecture.

My beef pho came out pretty quickly, accompanied by all the usual condiments, bean sprouts, thai basil and chilli. The broth sans adding any of these wonderful condiments was very beefy and fragrant. The beef was perfectly rare and plentiful.


On my second visit I dragged J along to get our pho fix. Despite the first visit having seamless and quick service, this time our pho took ages to come out. About 30-35 minutes – which is unheard of when ordering pho. The staff were apologetic and explained it was the kitchen mixing up orders. J swore that it had better be good pho by time it arrived and was inclined to agree. Thankfully pho was godly delicious and perhaps even worth the wait.

Saigon Pho has great pho and is a bit friendlier in terms of service than your standard pho joint. The serves are massive and they don’t skimp out on the condiments or meat!

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