Shawcross Pizza (Fitzroy)

April 16, 2015

I have a talent which I’m not too proud about. My talent is being able to identify where a pizza has been made and what it’s name is just by a Snapchat photo. After a friend sent me a grainy photo of Shawcross’ Broseppi sans caption, I quickly replied “Shawcross – Broseppi , so good!” Unfortunately this talent doesn’t translate well to other areas of my life – or my waistline. Soon an order for a Jimmy The Greek pizza and a Cheese pizza were made using the all too convenient Menulog platform (I have deleted and reinstalled this app over 100 times due to lack of self control).

Shawcross Pizza

Shawcross takes an American approach to the art of pizza. Shawcross bases are thin, the ingredients sparse yet high quality, all glued down by a a layer of glistening cheese. Folding the large slices in half before downing the cheesy goodness down the hatch is highly recommended.


Their Jimmy The Greek pizza is topped with  lamb, olives, mozzarella, cherry tomato, artichoke, feta, tzatziki. The lamb is succulent, even slightly sweet and the added bursts of the tangy feta and tzatziki creates a harmonious flavour profile. It’s on the saucier/jucier side of the pizza scale and napkins are a definite must.

shawcross cheese

The Triple Cheese pizza is actually a ‘starter’ option but arrived as a 12″. A heart-stopping smothering of mozzarella, baked brie, goats cheese, topped with modest parsley makes this pizza a classic hangover cure.  The crusts of Shawcross pizzas are also delightfully chewy and they even offer crust dipping sauces on the side. The dough does have a sweeter taste to it than some other pizza places around, but it works perfectly with their range of pizza toppings.

Overally, Shawcross Pizza is so good, you’ll finish an entire one crusts and all with no regrets.
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