Small Block (Brunswick)

November 22, 2013

As I passed Small Block every morning on my way to University, I couldn’t help but crave a coffee in their small and quaint outdoor area which always seems to be occupied by friendly local Brunswick-ians enjoying coffee and engaging in animated conversation.

One Saturday morning in a bid to avoid studying, I ventured to Small Block in search of breakfast and caffeinated beverages. The name “Small Block” is a bit misleading – the cafe houses a fair amount of tables across two rooms. We were seated in the back room and instantly a feeling of homeliness swept over me. Over in the corner was a small selection of toys to distract rebellious children – a nice touch to see in a cafe in Brunswick as many seem to be not too family orientated.


I ordered the I had the Buck Rarebit– A toasted bagel with whole grain mustard, melted gruyere, grilled asparagus, poached eggs and chilli jam. The toasted bagel was less bagel-ish and more English muffin in terms of texture. The eggs were perfectly poached and a simple slip of the knife revealed a gooey-golden mine of deliciousness which, when accompanied by the gruyere and the sweetness of the chilli jam was simply delectable. The Buck rarebit is definitely a great light breakfast option.




J, as usual, succumbed to his sweet tooth and ordered the Ricotta pancakes with barbados cream and poached pear. The photo above was actually taken before J tucked into the layers of pancake and fluffy cream. The pancake was nice and fluffy but the ricotta was almost undetectable apart from providing a slightly fluffier texture. The poached pear and babardos cream were perhaps the star of this dish with the poached pear being so elegant and syrupy.

Small Block employs friendly staff and is in a great location. Their coffees may be too weak for my liking but they do serve up a decent brunch.

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