Sugardough Panificio & Patisserie (Brunswick)

April 2, 2015

The rows of buttery pastries, beautifully glazed tarts and  displays of pies and quiches in Sugardough Panificio and Patisserie gives me pangs of nostalgia. Large, fluffy croissants adorned the counter and the smell of coffee wafted through the small space. When I was younger, my ma was quite the kaffee und kuchen traditionalist. In between lunch and dinner would often be a time dedicated to devouring conversation, cake and caffeine. The pastries of my childhood were large, calorifically buttery and always accompanied by a full bodied latte. Every day around 3pm my sweet tooth begins to cry out for cavity inducing treats. Luckily, Sugardough is close enough by to satiate my sweet-tooth cravings but also delivers fantastic savoury options.

Experiencing a nice Autumn afternoon, we decided to venture into the garden section after ordering coffee and a couple of bites to carry us through the afternoon.

Sugardough garden

Sugardough coffee

The coffee was great – creamy and the perfect temperature.

Sugardough breakfast pie

I ordered the Breakfast Pie – whole free range eggs, layers of ham, tomato, spinach and cheese on a perfectly flaky base.  Paired with the tomato relish, this was the perfect savoury treat. The top was oven baked perfectly so that the texture of the flakey base was offset by the slightly crunchy crust.

sugardough pastry

Across the way, Joe was picking at the chocolate and custard brioche . The brioche, comprising of icing sugar covered buttery dense pastry, was reportedly a bit dry. I think a dollop of cream probably would have made it complete.

Sugardough’s pastry offerings are so wide ranging that I’m definitely going to venture back – just probably not for their chocolate brioche . Their pies are also, going by Urbanspoon reports, pretty damn good and Sugardough is a totally viable cheapish breakfast/lunch option if you’re seeking some homeliness.
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