The B.East (East Brunswick)

February 8, 2014

I’d been whinging about getting a burger fix for about 2 weeks before finally revisiting the B.East. The first visit wasn’t blogged because we were too hungover/too ill to remember to take decent photos (pro-tip – The B.Easts burgers are a bonafide hangover slayer!).  Noticing that they had a few spare tables out front on an early Thursday eve, we quickly nabbed one and began studying the menu.


The B.East is easy to fall in love with – they have an eclectic drink selection which includes ginger beer and alcoholic iced tea, they offer live music and the vibe is just right.


chillicheesefriesFirst to arrive were the quintessential order of chilli cheese fries. Carby, cheesy and slightly spicy – these crunchy hunks of potato were hard to resist when slathered with cheesy goodness. Note to self: do not visit the B.East when on a diet as these little suckers are irresistible and we were piling them into our mouths long after declaring fullness.



At $9 a serve, they are on the expensive side of chips – but by god they are worth it.  The serving size is  very generous and would be perfect to ‘share’ with a friend over a cold beer….


I’m of the firm belief that a burger should be sloppy, greasy and leave one feeling like a gluttonous pig. The Filthy featuring Mustard fried beef, vintage cheddar, B.EAST chilli paste, pickled red onion, tomato, cos and horseradish aioli ticked all of the boxes. The Filthy, which J kept referring to as the Filthy Beast for some reason was the right balance of sloppiness to the soft, bouncy bun. The beef pattie was juicy-thick and contained a lovely tang, presumably from the hints of mustard dispersed inside.


Across the way, J had ordered the Smoked Beer Chicken Po Boy which arrived in the form of an impressive colossal of a roll stuffed to the brim with smoked and pulled beer can chicken, lemon and thyme stuffing and chicken crack. 


I managed to wrap my mouth around this monster of a roll and steal a few bites. Whilst tasty, we both agreed that it was dry. Like really dry. Also it was meant to arrive with cranberry sauce which was either a) non-detectable or b) non-existent.  Fortunately, B.East offers mustard and tomato sauce so this could be somewhat remedied. The stuffing was crumbly, buttery and added a lemony zest to the pulled chicken. The smokey chicken didn’t have the beer flavour I was so looking forward to, but even so, it was still delicious. Another qualm was just the density and dryness of the bread.

pulledchicken2The B.East is a great place to hang out on a balmy summer evening, however, I’ll be sticking to their delicious burgers and chilli cheese fries.

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